What is the HERO Course?

  • The HERO course is a 12 week course that begins on June 15th.
  • In HERO, I will teach you how to choose which stories you need to tell about yourself, how to refine them, and how to communicate them effectively in order to bolster your professional and personal potential. You will receive guidance on writing your bio, producing marketing materials, designing blog posts, and developing any other content that you may want to present to your audience.
  • Hero is totally online, so you can take it from anywhere in the world. It is also deeply personalized and interactive, and you can count on having a lot of personal attention from me.

What does it take to be a HERO?

Learn more about the course, how it can help you to actualize your full potential and manifest the HERO that you already are inside.


Excavate and explore your experiences to find the heroic patterns in your own life. Create a personal mythology that helps you and your audience begin to see yourself as the hero.


Learn to show yourself. Practice communicating your personal mythology in writing and in speech. Create a body of work that spotlights your genius.


Stop holding back. Stop playing small. By writing and rewriting your own mythology, you will evolve and transform into the leader that your people need.

Ready to find out more?


With this course, you get:

  • A weekly webinar (video or audio lesson)
  • A weekly group coaching call (to help curate your ideas)
  • A weekly group workshop call (to review your work and to offer and receive feedback)
  • A weekly tip sheet for working through HERO
  • Daily reflections
  • Two 30 minute private sessions with Tracey:
    one coaching session and one workshopping session
  • Access to our private Facebook forum


By the end of this course, you will create:

  • A carefully curated bio
  • An engaging editorial or blog post
  • An inspiring 15 minute talk

The course is 12 weeks and begins on June 15th. You must fill out the application and complete an interview to take the course. These are not meant to be tests of will and you don't need to feel nervous about them. They are meant to help me help you get the most out of our work together.

You ready, yet?


Tracey Duncan comes from what you might call poor white trash, unless you are poor white trash, in which case you probably just call her family. She dropped out of high school three times. Tracey misspent her youth in South Beach, where she worked for nightclubs and partied semi-professionally.

Sometime in her twenties, Tracey decided to get her $hit together. She sweet-talked her way into Columbia University, where she got a degree in Anthropology. She also has an MFA in Creative Writing. She has taught composition and literature at the university level, and is a retired Montessori Elementary teacher. Tracey is currently a writer, a yoga teacher, and a coach in New Orleans. 

Tracey helps would-be heroes birth their ambitions. If you want to evolve into your superhero alter ego and show her to the world, Tracey wants to help. You can read her work in Vice and on her website, More Yoga, Less Bull$hit.



Talk to Tracey

Want to pow wow about your super powers? Let's get on it. You and Tracey can decide together if you are a good fit for the class. Gratis.

Ready to Register?

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